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Fish Health

Pond Services Cumbria aim, is for you to have a healthy pond with as fewer problems as possible.

We can help educate you into how to keep fish the correct way and what is needed to do that.
The only way this can be done is buying the correct accessories to do the job.


.......... YOU ARE A "WATERKEEPER" NOT A "FISHKEEPER" ..........

Fungal infections can so easily escalate out of control if not monitored correctly.

- We have various treatments available.
- You need to check your pond water every week
- Check nitrates levels weekly.
- Check for ammonia levels weekly.
- In "Hot weather" make sure there is shade for your fish and enough oxygen in the water.
- If you have plants in your pond, then nighttime is when there would be a shortage of oxygen in the water, as plants take
oxygen then.

If you are unsure about your fish's health and possibly think they unwell, then act fast...before the disease takes hold and wipes them all out.

" If your fish are in need of urgent treatment "
Call 07708 321486 NOW !

We have fully qualified staff to be able to carry out the most intense and in depth operations on your fish, to hopefully remove the stress and infection eating it away and save it's life.
This can be done via a site visit to your pond, a possible operation depending on the severity of the infection and a course of treatments.



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